11242 Triangle Lane
Wheaton, MD 20902
One block from the Wheaton Metro Station

Store Hours

Tuesday 11:00-5:00
Wednesday 11:00-7:00
Thurs. and Fri. 12:00-6:30
Saturday 12:00-6:30
Sunday 1:00-5:00


Picture from shop

Picture from shop


Do you buy comics?

We are currently only purchasing early Silver Age and Golden Age comics (comics released in the 1960's and earlier). The original cover price should be 10¢ or 12¢.

Do you still sell books?

We no longer carry novel or prose books. We do carry a large selection of Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks.

Do you carry board games or role playing games?

Currently we only stock card games and heroclix.

Do you sell items on consignment?

We apologize, but we have limited room to even display all the shop's merchandise. We would like to use the available space to sell products already bought.

Do you appraise collections?

While we are happy to help you figure out the value of one or two comics according to the The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, we are unable to determine the worth of a whole collection for you. It would be time consuming for us to look up the prices for a large number of items. There are several published price guides as well as online price guides that list the value of comics. There are also published grading guides to help you determine the condition of individual comics.